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4951 Grisham Drive
Rowlett, TX, 75088

Lime Media is a hybrid Out-Of-Home advertising and experiential marketing services company that works with agencies to provide visually dynamic and immersive consumer engagement programs in a variety of locations and environments.


Lime Media Experiential Services - 2016 Programs

Experiential Services - 2016 Programs

This program features some of the best custom fabrication to the outside of a step van we've ever done.  This is also the largest coffee sampling truck we've ever built!

We've used pods, tents and built full-blown workout areas with multiple activities so consumers could try shoes in a real athletic setting. 

we've built a variety of displays and signs for big events - including an interactive grill with a touchscreen display! We also created a custom digital questionnaire that determined your "beef profile" and gave you recipes specific to your tastes! 

Our tricked-out bus was a hit everywhere we traveled.  Vote for the beer party!

There is nothing better than a big tailgate party before a college football game.  This Airstream trailer created a "buzz" at games from PA to FLA.

We helped create a branded lounge at DFW for the Summer Games.  It was a "refreshing" experience for everyone that visited!

This 28' truck was built to display high-end kitchen appliances with a  focused on Asian consumers.

With upscale movie theaters coming to many markets, it was only a matter of time before we did a tour to promote one of the best companies out there.  If there is one in your city, you have to check it out.  It's an awesome experience.

One of our clients makes high-quality clothes for men so our touring pop-up store had to provide that same level of experience to their consumers. Job accomplished!

Each market these trucks visited saw a nice sales increase - way more than a Penny! 

JJ Watt is a superstar on and off the field in Houston.  When his new shoe launched, we toured the city so people could try them out.  Sales were so big you could fill a football stadium with everyone that bought them!

Everyone loves ice cream and this sampling program for Mayfield was a huge hit for people of all ages.  We toured from Florida to  Washington DC.

We are the largest sampling company in North America for Mc Donald's.  We have 5 vehicles dedicated to this program, including our newest fry truck (shown here).

This multi-city PR program had some cool elements, but the highlight was a laser printer that etched your selfie photo onto a pancake.

With the pro football draft making a big splash in Chicago, our client wanted to engage fans around the city.  We built a replica podium that the commissioner uses.  Fans got behind it for photos, and then a phone rang.  Sometimes the caller gave them prizes.  Sometimes it was a actual player calling live with a bigger prize. It was great fun for everyone.

This truck toured the country to promote new flavors and the advantages of drinking our clients drink during and after workouts. Our truck features punching bags and other workout equipment inside. 

This program features the most extensive interactive program ever created by Lime Media for a client.  This fully integrated immersive experience features multiple driving scenarios around TX.  Consumers see problems (from the back seat) and compete to answer question first. 

One of our favorite program of all time, this tour hit college campuses and music events around the country to register voters. This was democracy in action! 

This sampling vehicle was a slam dunk success in Kansas City for a major basketball tournament.

Ice cream makes everyone feel better so when a hospital in VA was expanding, we spread the news with our cool sampling truck.

We love coffee so this program was as popular inside our office as it was touring the country.  Mornings are just better when you start with good coffee!

We built 10 trucks in 10 days and launched them throughout the country for a holiday promotion.  This program was so successful we did an additional 11 truck program for 6 months!