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Lime Media is a hybrid Out-Of-Home advertising and experiential marketing services company that works with agencies to provide visually dynamic and immersive consumer engagement programs in a variety of locations and environments.


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Jamie Brungard

CLIENT:  Sears

CAMPAIGN: Big Price Drop

MARKETS: Chicago

DURATION: 4 weeks

PROGRAM OVERVIEW:  This was a highly coordinated program that covered the entire Chicago market over a 6-week period.  We began with the launch of the six mobile billboard trucks in mid-September.  Two trucks traveled together and worked designated routes that focused on high-traffic areas and retail locations.  The hours of activation for the trucks changed based on time and location.  

The launch of the remaining program elements, on September 15, was coordinated for maximum impact.  We identified highly coveted locations throughout the market and deployed large teams with multiple elements (trucks, segways, backpack billboards and branded BA’s) simultaneously.  After one hour at these locations, the teams split into smaller groups and focused on secondary targets. Over the remaining activation period, our teams moved around the market based on location-specific data (volume of consumers and the response received from these consumers regarding this promotional offer).

On the evening of September 15, our management staff surveyed the activation teams and the retail locations in the market and based on the information we received, we adjusted the strategy for Day 2.  For the remaining two-days of the program, our management team used real-time information from the field (multiple on-site visits, GPS tracking, mobile phone calls and texts) to deploy the program elements around the market.  The size and the elements of the teams varied based on what we felt was the most effective combination. We also integrated our program elements around radio remote events at various malls.

Approximately 4,000 coupons were distributed over 3-days. Sears reported a significant increase in sales and overall in-store foot traffic during the promotional period.