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Lime Media is a hybrid Out-Of-Home advertising and experiential marketing services company that works with agencies to provide visually dynamic and immersive consumer engagement programs in a variety of locations and environments.

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McDonald's - Texas Rose Festival

William O'Neil

Client: Moroch

Advertiser: McDonald’s

Event: Texas Rose Festival

Markets:Tyler, Tx

Dates:October 20th, 2018

Program Elements: Custom 28’ step van equipped with fully operating kitchen with all the necessary equipment to serve hot and fresh McDonald’s French fries. (commercial refrigeration, fry dispenser,  deep-fat fryers, salt bin, working plumbing and more)

Overview:  2018 marked the 85thAnnual Texas Rose Festival.  Saturday 10/20 was the parade that showcased local marching bands, floats and the rose coronation queen and runner ups in classic cars.  McDonalds handed out 600 samples in the 4 hour event and brought smiles to the faces of all the attendees that weren’t expecting delicious hot fries.  


Event Impressions – 2,000

Samples Distributed  - 600


William O'Neil


Client: Posterity- Syngenta

Markets:VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, PA,NC, OK, IN, OHKY, IN, IL,MI

Dates:September 20th– October 19th

Program Elements: Custom food truck

Overview: For some, the grass is always greener on the other side. For Syngenta and their Posterity Fungicide, the grass is always greener on all sides! And who knows more about greener, thicker, stronger turf than those who rise before many of us even think about shining….golf course superintendents and their crews! That’s who.

Syngenta wanted to say, “Thank You” to these dedicated turf professionals by surprising them with a tasty hot breakfast from a custom food truck built by us. The Syngenta food truck traveled the open road for nearly four weeks, feeding the best of the best at nearly 40 locations across the US. From burritos to breakfast pizza, Syngenta fed teams of six up to 30 and at times, a few four legged friends who enjoyed dog treats just as much as the crews enjoyed their breakfast!


Markets – 40

Crew members reached – 1,400+

Miles Driven – 9,459

Cost Plus World Market

William O'Neil

Client: Cost Plus World Market

Markets: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City

Dates: August 28th– September 21st

Program Elements: Custom built tiny house showcasing World Market house wares.

Overview: To leverage the current trend of tiny houses taking the country, World Market built their own to showcase how their store is a one stop shop to decorate even the smallest spaces. The house made stops across the country to give consumers a unique look at World Markets product offerings. A custom photo booth setup on site gave consumers a chance to share their experience with family and friends.

Nick Darrus - 9D68F459-59BF-417F-9FCF-CC5868C2B682[2].jpeg


Markets – 5

Event Impressions – 81,800

Miles Driven – 6,500

Photo booth participants – 500+

Footprint engagements – 23,000+

Coupons distributed – 7,500 +

Highway impressions – 590,000+


Check out this cool video World Market created about this tour!

Warner Brothers "IT"

William O'Neil

Client:Warner Brothers "IT" movie promotion and VR bus tour


Markets:Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL,  Toronto, Canada

Dates:June, 2017

Program Elements: 40’ custom school bus; 8 virtual reality systems; 4D seats; mock-sewer tunnel with fog and misting machines; sound system; mood lighting.

Overview: Consumer’s worst fears came to life with this 4D VR experience for the movie "IT".  GranDesignloves to dream up big ideas, and we love to bring them to life.   In this case, the dreams were nightmares.  The experience starts by being shuttled into the bus in a custom built sewer pipe complete with a fog and mist machine, lighting effects and sound effects. Once the creepy reel of the laughing Pennywise is over, the small group moves into the VR room.  Our VR room was equipped with 8 full motion chairs, VR setups and the spooky lighting to go with it.  All consumers have a simultaneous experience of being in the sewers with the famous Pennywise clown.  This experience was not for the faint-hearted!  

Peloton Interactive

William O'Neil

Client:Peloton Interactive


Agency:R2C Group

Markets:Denver, CO,  Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX

Dates:May-June, November 2017

Program Elements: One12’ glass box truck with a custom vinyl wrap; promotional decals; custom interior fabrication; mounted Peloton spin bike; high speed internet.

Overview: Lime Media was tasked with creating an inviting “living room” setting to display Peloton’s newest interactive spin bike.  Custom molding, hardwood floors, area rug, drapes and houseplants were part of the moving “living room”.  Driving traffic to store openings in Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles was the goal through a mix of mobile billboard advertising, guerilla activations and a full-scale event experience.  Consumers were invited into the living room to test out the fully-functional bike in a live-streaming class with professional instructors.  With more stores openings, we look to see much more from Peloton in the future!