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Rowlett, TX, 75088

Lime Media is a hybrid Out-Of-Home advertising and experiential marketing services company that works with agencies to provide visually dynamic and immersive consumer engagement programs in a variety of locations and environments.

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Reebok JJ Watt - Generation Z

Bill O'Neil



Agency:Generation Z


Dates:July –Aug., 2016

Program Elements: One (1)26’ glass box truck; custom augmented reality photo opp; mini football combine; custom digital leader board. 

Overview:Reebok and Academy Sports teamed up to give JJ Watts home town of Houston the chance to try his new shoe for themselves. Once laced up, consumers were put to the test in a mini football combine to see if JJ’s new shoe could help their stats. To keep track of times, a custom digital leader board was created. Consumers could also step into the truck to have their photo superimposed with the former defensive MVP himself. 


Sodastream - HL Group

Bill O'Neil


Agency:HL Group

Markets:NYC, NY

Dates:April, 2017

Program Elements: Two (2) 12’ glass box trucks with custom vinyl wraps; custom buildout so it appeared the entire truck was full of plastic bottles.

Overview:The program message was clear:  “Bottled water makes as much sense as punching yourself in the face”.  The branding on the truck was also clear (and not suitable for children!) Not to worry, all the bottles used in this program were successfully recycled.  Sodastream, HL Group and Lime Media worked together to create a spectacle for traffic in NYC by deploying a pair of trucks that really got everyone's attention.  These trucks did just that.  Raising awareness of the Sodastreambrand and their products, as well as a key environmental issue was the goal and it was a beautiful success!

General Electric - BMF

Bill O'Neil

Client:General Electric


Markets:West Lafayette, IN, Ann Arbor, MI, Rochester NY, Potsdam, NY, Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, State College, PA

Dates:March–April, 2017

Program Elements: 34’ RV; custom photo booth; interactive personality tests; mentor meeting stations; outdoor seating; heaters  & games.

Overview:General Electric, BMF & Lime Media teamed up to educate women at several colleges in the Northeast about gender equality in the workplace.  The #balancetheequationtour also gave these women a great chance to speak with group of professionals from GE to help guide them on their road to a successful career.  We offered mentor sessions, personality tests, a career path wall, a photo-booth for professional headshots, seating, games and refreshments to make the experience one to remember!

Dell - BMF

Bill O'Neil

Client: Dell

Agency: BMF

Market:Los Angeles, CA

Dates:June 26, 2017


Program Elements: 28’ stage truck; custom fabrication displays to showcase multiple Dell items: gaming computers, VR headsets and laptops

Overview:To highlight a cross promotion between Dell and The Amazing Spiderman movie, we created a sleek, modern show room to highlight some of their most powerful and innovative technology. The truck was showcased on Hollywood Blvd. during the red carpet during the premier of The Amazing Spiderman. Both consumers and movie stars had the chance to interact with some ”Amazing” new tech.  Consumers were invited to interact with Dells new VR capable laptop. Terry Crews stopped by to show off his gaming skills along sideconsumers visiting the premier. 

Charmin - Jack Morton

Bill O'Neil

Client: Charmin

Agency: Jack Morton

Market:New YorkCity, NY

Dates:June 19thand 20th, 2017

Program Elements: Two(2)  20’ step vans; custom fabricated high end working restrooms; digital photos; phone; decor elements; white carpet roll to resemble toilet paper.

Overview:This PR program made a big splash for Charmin!New Yorkers have always had a hard time finding a clean comfortable place to make a ‘pitstop‘ on the busy street. Charmin came up with a clever solution to this problem, Charmin Van-Go. Two step vans were transformed into modern, comfortable, clean restrooms on wheels. Consumers in need could request one of these vans via Charmin's custom app. To help spread the word, influencers and bloggers were invited to share their experiences with the Van-Go’s.